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Some thoughts for the beta testing community


Our overall and ultimate objective with Qute is to allow you to specify your testing requirements through a graphical interface. That is, you will not have to write any code yourself - we will generate it for you. When we reach that point, well, Steven will be very, very happy and so will you - because you will be able to work entirely within an intuitive UI and let Qute do all the work.

Of course, we are just starting down that road. Today, Qute offers an ease of use for testing based on test package generation that is an order of magnitude easier and more maintainable than anything you are doing day. Yet it is also a very young product. We will be working hard over the next year to smooth the rough edges in the UI and also add better generation coverage of a wide range of testing scenarios.

In the meantime, I am certain that we will all be coming up with great ideas of how to “work” the tool to get it do exactly what we want. Please add your discoveries to this forum.