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Some times intellisence looses its mind


One of the cool things about sql nav is intellisence - specifically using uppercase for select words. (select,insert,from type of stuff)

But something happens while developing code - that the intellisense stops using capital letters for sql. uppercase SELECT becomes lowercase select. But select will still be blue just not capitalized.

This drives some of my developers crazy. (which I like to do just for general principal) However they have asked that I point this out to quest and hope you can fix this. This has happened in the new editor on 7.0.

Good luck quest. We have had a hard time finding the cause over here.


Hi Henry,

For the keywords-to-uppercase feature to work, you need to follow entering each keyword with a keystroke other than a letter - e.g. space, new line, bracket etc. If you simply enter a keyword and immediately navigate to another part of the text, it won’t work.

By the way, under Edit in the main menu there’s another option - Convert keywords to uppercase (lowercase). It can be used at any time and converts all the keywords in the text to uppercase/lowercase.

Hope this helps,


Following a keyword with a space does not always work. That is the problem. We will often enter our code and like to have the keyword capitalized which is a big help to prevent coding misspimmilings.

Nav has us spoiled and we like the fact that the key words will capitalize.

(when it works)


Hi Henry,

A keyword will capitalize if you follow it with any non-letter character or a new line. As I said, the only situation when it won’t work is when you type it in and immediately navigate somewhere. This is exactly the same behaviour as 6.7.

Did you try to use the Convert option or the formatter? They are very easy to use.