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Something about sql Editor ...


Two things i’ve observed with sql Editor window.

  1. Disable splitting windows to display results.
  2. Open 2 sqlEditor windows with sql statements and execute them, to see results.
  3. Maximize child windows.
  4. Click on Sqlnav taskBar to change active window, do not use ctrl+tab, just click.

Window is focused on sql tab not on results tab.
But when U use ctr+tab everything works fine!

Second situation.
The same scenario, with splitting windows option disabled.
Execute statement, result tab is focused, but … you can’t use arrows to move inside grid, but if you click tab, the arrows works…

Check this!

Regards Piter


Hi Piter,

Nice catch Piter . The 1st issue has been also reported by one of our customer recently. This issue has been addressed in 6.0 1st Beta build 719. Can you please check it again in build 719 and let us know if you still have any issue with Issue1.

We will look into issue2 and get the fix to you shortly.

Thanks and regards,


Great speed Bruce! I’m reporting bug one day, next day i have new release without error!!!
Yes 1st bug is fixed, second not…

Regards Piter


Hi Piter,
Glad to hear that build 719 has fixed issue 1. We will look into issue 2 and will get the fix to you shortly.