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Sort by column header


This was tough to create, but I think I got it, if you have something like

select * from dba_views
order by view_name

Once complete go to the column header and click on owner twice to make it decending.

If you press [F9] the column descending (little down traingle) is shifted to the rowid. Then if you have more than 250 records and scroll down past the 250 record (using arrow down or Page Down) watch the rowid. Then if you keep pressing the down arrow to scroll, it eventually will go to row 1, kind of like when it fetches the next 250 it orders by the column header and starts going backwards. Even though after you pressed the [F9] you did not click the column header for ordering… If once at record one you press the arrow down the next 250 are fetched and put at the top and this continues until all records are fetched.

This is very confusing, I hope I explained it correctly.


Hi Dale,

Thanks for the detailed explanation. I can reproduce it here so we will fix it ASAP.