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Sorting Physical Model Explorer


Hey guys,

Call it a pet peeve again, but is there a way to sort the entities in the physical model explorer. After adding a lot of stored procedures to it, it gets rather confusing to look through if I don’t have the Procedures window open. I’ve noticed closing the Physical Model and re-opening it, as well as completely exiting TDM and re-opening the app and model, doesn’t refresh the list for a re-sort.

Keep up the great work!



Hi Dillie-O,

Right-click any space in Model Explorer and select Sort by Name.

All items in Model Explorer will be sorted alphabetically.

I hope this helps.




Wow, that was a bonehead move on my part! I right clicked on the text and the folders, but never in the blank space. Sheesh, I feel dumb now 8^D Everything works great! Thanks!