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Specified Cast is not valid when viewing Script for job


I am getting a “Specified Cast is not valid” error message when viewing the script of some of my job. It seems to only happen with my jobs with PowerShell scripts in them. If I click a job that is just making a database call it seems to work.



Is this happen in latest beta (Toad for SQL Server Beta)?

We have a similar issue log as TSS-1131 and it has been fixed.



Yes it is still happening with



Thank you. We cannot reproduce this issue. Woule you please prode more details.

  1. screen shots of each tab in the job View Details;

  2. Could you please get the script of the job from other tools such as Management Studio?



Here is a screenshot of the error message


Here is the script that was generated via SQL Studio Manager



Hi Michael,

Thank you very much for your screen shot and Script. We reproduce the issue and we already have TSS-1146 for this.

It related to Proxy and some null value. We are looking at this and will fix in next Beta.

Sorry for your inconvenience.



Hi Michael,

This bug has been fixed and it will be included in next beta.