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I’m running a trial version of the software which I recently upgraded from the beta version. I also briefly installed the freeware version after the beta ran out before finding the download for the trial version.

Everything is working fine, but it is incredibly slow. For instance it takes just over a minute to get to a test definition from the dashboard by double clicking on it and nearly two minutes to bring up the screen to create a new test case when selecting the Add Unit Test option from the menu. The beta version ran okay, but the freware version was as slow as the trial version.

The version numbers are:




I’m using a brand new laptop running windows XP. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,



Hi Lee,

Is the database locally installed on the laptop or on a remote machine? The database interaction right now is fairly chatty so it is pretty sensitive to network speed between the client and the database. We will be working to improve performance for upcoming releases. Still, those timing numbers you list are higher than what we’ve seen before.

If the database is installed on the laptop or your network connection is fast, then I can work with you further to isolate and resolve the problem.




Thanks for that. The DB is not locally installed, but I am accessing it over a fast internet connection using a VPN. I’m in the office on next Monday so I’ll try it again then.



I downloaded the freeware version to check this out. I’m having speed issues also. Especially when creating a new test definition. It takes over 10 minutes for the screen to come up to add a new test. It’s so slow, it’s really unusable. It’s running queries against the all_arguments view which is what is slowing it down. Perhaps this is what is happening with Lee also?

I notice that there is a qu_all_arguments table and code to place a trigger on all_arguments to copy the arguments. I also notice that the trigger is not installed and the qu_all_arguments table is empty.

I would like to try getting this part working to see if it speeds things up, but how do I?

Like I said, I’m using the freeware version and it isn’t installed in it’s own user name. If it’s installed with it’s own user, would it do that, or ???

Or… is there something else that I should be trying to do?


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We definitely have performance issues when running Code Tester over a wide area network. My apologies. We are looking to get this tuned up for the next major release, which is currently targeted for mid-year. I wish I could get it done sooner…




We have GREATLY improved the performance of Quest Code Tester for Oracle over wide area networks. These changes will be available in the upcoming 1.6 Beta. We optimized the data retrieval behavior of CLOB columns which are prevalent in our schema to avoid many unnecessary round trips which were causing significant (painful :slight_smile: delays.

Using free code generation software (Quest Code Generator - formerly PL/Generator) made the transition sooo much easier/quicker than doing it all by hand. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your patience.