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This is not a biggie… Ok, so I have 2 tab pages (2 seq editors) in 1 I have a select count(*) from what ever that takes a few seconds to return, while it is running I go back to the other tab page and look at the spooled output from a script I had ran earlier all of a sudden the out put from the other scipt started displaying in the current spool file, not the tab it was running in… Run script 1 when done run scirpt 2 in a different tab while scirpt 2 is running go back to script 1 and scroll to the bottom and watch… I did shut down navigator and bring it back up and tried again. Same result

Sript 1:


cursor dalecurs is

select * from dba_tables;


for x in dalecurs loop

dbms_output.put_line('The table name is: '||x.table_name);

end loop;

select count(*)


Script 2:

from dba_tab_columns;



Hi Dale,

This issue has been logged in our system.