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SpotLight and OEM



When I try to open OEM from SpotLight Grid Control I get an error message:

An error has occurred while retrieving the OEM Status.

        Please check the OEM Monitoring options.

        The error details are: sh:/OraBase1/agent/agent11g/bin/emctl: cannot execute

My environment:

Oracle 11gR2 on IBM Unix, SoO v9.5.0.750 running on Windows 7 64bit

Where to start ??



Hi Aci,

First things to check are to make sure that the emctl can be found in the path of /OraBase1/agent/agent11g/bin and that emctl can be executed by the OS user that you have defined for that connect.



I am reviving this thread because I am having the same kind of problem.

I have exactly the same error message as described by Aci in his post.

My problem is that I cannot get connected directly to the oracle account on the Oracle host, I need to sudo to it.

So that instead of executing emctl status dbconsole, Spotlight should actually execute : sudo su - oracle -c “emctl status dbconsole”

Is there a configuration file somewhere where I can change this command ?


Hi Christine,

Running commands using sudo is not possible in the current version. We will investigate adding that as an enhancement in a future version.