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Spotlight Extensions not working


Hi there. We are using Spotlight Enterprise v12 in my organisation. I’ve recently installed Spotlight Extensions on my PC but when I try and configure it to point to my diagnostic server it gives me an error and says ‘can’t connect to the Diagnostic Server’ - is the service Spotlight Extensions Diagnostic Server running on your diagnostic server. I’ve checked services on the server and this service does not exist? No where in the documentation for Spotlight Extensions does it explain that you need to instal anything on the server, it all looks client based? Please advise.




if you have Spotlight for SQL Server Enterprise in your organisation, do you have the Spotlight client installed on your PC and does that work ok?

The problem could be permissions or firewall related. Check the port requirements here:

Also check that your AD account is added to a spotlight group on the server your diagnostic service is running (local groups).