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Spotlight on PL/SQL Profiler ...


Yhere few things i obserwed:
1.Stats for “all runs” node in tree refreshes only when you click refresh and then change tab to Groups.
2.Profiler uses close_cached_open_cursors parmeter, obsolete from 8.x (see alert log afther executing profiler, with

close cached cursors parameter)
3.Wrong stats of execution, while first bind into shared pool. Execution parameters are extremly high, but seperate parameters for procedure and aonymous block are correct!
Watch attachement. This are two snapchots of one exeucution of procedure. Normally this procedure ends in about 1ms.

1.first flush shared pool : alter system flush_shared pool (Simulation of first execution of profiler)
2.Execute statement in profiler mode.
3. Watch reults…

Regards Piter. (115 KB)



I’ll check this one out this morning (my time ;-)) Piter.
I’ll let you know what I find…



Wooo… talk about code with cobwebs on it
This hasn’t been touched in some time, and these issues have been there for a while. I confirmed what you were saying (and found more too). I’ve logged a general Change Request to have the Profiler reviewed and tidied up (including all of your issues). We will tackle this in a post 5.5 future release…
Thanks for pointing this out Piter!!



Nice to hear that!

Regards Piter