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Spotlight version 11 not working with SQL 2005

We set up a new Server (2012) so we could install version 11 fresh. I added an instance of 2008 and that works great. I added an instance of 2005 and can’t connect. On previous versions of spotlight we didn’t have to do anything special to connect and monitor. Is there a setting or something we should be aware of to change? This is the error we get:


Apologize for the delay in replying. I’ll respond here in case you are still having the issue.

That is a generic connection failure message regarding making a connection to the SQL Server instance. If you have SQL Server Management Studio installed on your Diagnostic Server, can you try to make a connection there? I’m guessing you will see the same message, and can then diagnose natively, however if SSMS can connect and Spotlight cannot, we should get a support ticket opened at

I can tell you that Spotlight version 11 does support SQL Server 2005, so I’m guessing there’s something else prohibiting our connection, either an invalid servername or instance, or perhaps a firewall blocking the SQL Server port.