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SQL Activity, Sessions tab

I could use some help understanding/interpreting what I’m seeing in the sessions tab of the SQL activity drill down. For example, on my home screen i have a warning that says my CPU Usage is at 81%, when I Hit Diagnose and go to the Sessions tab I see have one running session that says 91.92 ms/s. That doesn’t seem like alot; so where is my CPU going?

Hi Chuck,

On the Home Page, right click on the CPU Usage control. Then select Show Details. There are 4 possible drilldowns that you can visit. Processes and Diagnose CPU are useful. The Diagnose CPU drilldown will indicate if there is a lot of non SQL Server CPU Usage as well.

I hope this helps.


Chris Pryde

SoSSE Software Tester

ok, that helps a little. So now i know that SQL Server is using the bulk of my CPU. The diagnose CPU pressure section says highly unlikely to everything. Now what? Im still hitting near 100% usage. How do i figure out what is driving it so high?

Even when each scenario is showing highly unlikely, the information that each scenario displays may be helpful. Click on the Query Execution - All/Hash/Sort/Parellelism scenario’s and see the SQL Statements currently executing that are using the most CPU.