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SQL Alter Scripts


The make / break feature for me is the ability to generate SQL alter scripts to add / remove / rename columns, etc…

Is there any word or hint of when this will be available in the beta?



Alter scripts will be supported in TDM 3, however not in the BETA. We’ve been working on this and plan to implement it in some TDM 3 commercial version.

Thanks for your patience.




I’m sorry to hear that.

My concern with this plan is that alter scripts are dealing with data, and if there are problems they could cause a loss of data.

I would have hoped that the alter functionality would be subjected to beta testing to work the bugs out before it is released.

I see that is not your plan. Not to take away from the testing you will do internally, but you can only do so much testing.

I can only guess that the reason the alter scripts are not in the beta is because that piece is still being coded. Which gives me that much more concern that it will have problems since it could be rushed to make it to release and there will be even less time for you to test it internally.

Good luck with your project. At this point, I would have to look elsewhere for sql alter functionality.



Firstly, I’d like to apologize. - I have misinformed you.

I wrote: “… we plan to implement it in some TDM 3 commercial version.” This is not correct.

Let me inform you that alter scripts will be definitely supported in TDM 3.0 version.
We’re working hard on this issue and would like to ask you for patience. We hope to have enough time to test it in Beta.

Please accept my apology.

Thanks very much!