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SQL Editor and table alias

Recently I download new version of TOAD SS BETA and you wrote :

Improving Code Completion area.

Last year David Sten open this discussion :

Point 1) of alias table is very interesting, but now after one year and about 5 months all is the same.

When do you plan to implement this new request ?

It’s very useful use table alias when write complex sql statements.

What’s do you think of this ?

I stay tune for some answer.

Best regards,


Hi Sergio,

For Point 1) ,

If we have created synonyms in TSS , Code Completion can prompt it. You can try to type the first characters of the synonyms, then you will see it in CC. And so does SQL_Prompt.

what do you expect the better behavior? Could you give me more details for code completion support synonyms?



Hi Cathy,

many thank’s for your answer.

I see and use synonyms in TOAD for SS.

My request is little differrent…

With synonyms I type in sql editor for example - select - code completion show me the lists of tables and I select one. After this operation cursor goes between - select - and - from - sql reserved keywords.

At this point I must to return at the end of the SQL statement and type synonym for my table.

Now I return between - select and from keywords - and type synonym, press CTRL + . and fields appear correctly.

To works better it’s more useful if when the lists of the tables appear in code completion and I select one, code completion insert automatically table name and the relative synonym for it.

At this point when the cursor return between select and from sql keywords, I can type synonym , press CTRL + . and the fields appears correctly.

This example is based on a simple SQL select statement.

Imagine when the sql statement is more complex with join, etc,etc…

If I use a join between two tables when I return between select and from keywords to insert fields i have two possibility :

  1. insert manually tablename with point ‘.’ and code completion show me the fields of the table.

  2. Use a previous synonym created in from or join clause and the press CTRL + ‘.’ to select field of the table/synonym.

I prefer the second method but every time I must create synonym manually.

If I understand correctly synonym in TOAD isn’t created automatically by your product.

I stay tune for your consideration…

Best regards,


Kathy, since you mentioned it here…I have been using SQL Prompt for 5+ years now. My current process is to open SSMS write my query (I like to write queries manually and not use code generation tools) and then paste it into Toad so I have the great features of Toad grid (filtering, sorting, changing of data, etc, etc). In my opinion, SQL Prompt does exactly what I want and if Toad could run like SQL Prompt, you would have a dynamite SSMS replacement. But until the CC in Toad works like SQL Prompt, I will continue to use it in the current way.

Hi msprygada,

many thank’s for your support.

At Febraury 2014 I test in trial SQL Prompt and it’s code completion works very well.

I test it with SQL Server 2012 Developer Edition and SSMS 2012.

There are several features that I’d like to see implemented in TOAD for SS.

Best regards,


Hi Sergio,

Thanks for your explanation ,I have create an enhancement for it TSS-601 ,

We will discuss it with others and will let you know when we decide to fix it.



Hi Cathy,

many thank’s for your patience.

OK. I stay tune for your consideration after discussion with others Dell developer.

Best regards,


Hi Cathy,

now there is a new version of TOAS SS beta ; 6.6.

Have you some news about my originally request ?

Best regards,