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SQL Editor Desc


In a SQL Editor window:
When you type in the following, you get an error message of Object Not Found:
I thought this used to work in a previous version of SQL Nav? (I’m not positive.)

Also, if you try to describe a Package, it spools out like it finds something, but it does not show anything as far as describing the package.
DESC utl_file

There is some inconsistancy in using DESC for a table and a package (besides neither work).

does work for both.

fk.doc (43.5 KB)


Hmm… seems you’ve stumbled onto something here Charlie…
It’s working as expected in 5.1 so there is a regression here of sorts.

Thanks for the pick-up!!
We’ll delve further into this.



This is a regression caused by a change we made for UTF8 support.
Thanks again for spotting this Charlie!!
We’re going to fix it for the 5.5 release… and we’ll be ‘burning the midnight oil’ to validate the changes.