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SQL Editor enhancement


Sql Navigator as one of the best code editor on the market but I feel it’s missing one key feature ; Column Editing

I would love to have the ability to do column editing (rectangular selection) copy/paste, indent etc…

I hope it’s possible.



Hi Sylvian,

The feature you’re requesting is already implemented. One can switch to the column selection mode using Alt+F7 or from the right-click menu Edit > Selection Mode > Block.

Hope this is what you are looking for.



This really is a very cool feature! Unfortunately Alt+F7 doesn’t turn it on (probably because Main menu -> Edit -> Comment takes higher priority). Shift+Alt+F7 works to revert to “normal” selection again.

I hope this feature will be mentioned in the release notes :slight_smile:


Thanks the the answer. I’m happy to find out the such a funtionality exists.

After a few tries, here are my observations :

1- When in block mode , I’m unable to indent only my “block” selection.
2- When in block mode, I’m unable to properly do uppercase / lowercase on my selection.
3- When in block mode, I’m unable to do a free selection. I’m limited to the length of the last line.



Its a fairly new feature so we still have a lot of works to do to improve it. Hopefully, we can have all these fixed by the next beta release.


Excellent! I’m looking forward to use it.



For problem no 3, you can freely select by select "Allow Caret after EOL’ option in View>Preferences>CodeEditor>General



Ok, Iv’e set the ‘Allow Caret after EOL’ option. It’s working.

I’ve noticed that when it’s on, I’m unable to do a “Select All” (CTRL+A). It only selects the first column.



Hi Sylvian,

I think if you want to actually select all, you should switch to the stream mode. Block selection is new functionality and definitely can and will be improved, but please don’t expect it to happen overnight.



For sure ; I just want to help :slight_smile:


Hi Sylvian,

Much apprecited for your feedback as always :-).

We will certainly keep you posted with the progress on this.

Thanks and regards,