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SQL Editor Open inconsistency


In the SQL Editor, when you click on the folder on top of the editor, it opens the dialog box. Then go down to a sub-directory and select a file. Next time you click on the open folder, you will be in that sub-directory where you selected your file. That’s good. But if you were to press Ctrl-O or /File /Open File, it opens up in the original directory. Then if you were to navigate with that window, it keeps that sub-directory.

So essentially, the folder on top of the SQL Editor window, and Ctrl-O, each maintain their own working directory. Shouldn’t they be the same?



Hi Charlie,

Thanks for picking this up .

Agree with you that they should be consitent and be the same. Currently, the CtrlO is using the same routing as File->Open File menu item. We will raise a request for you and will look into this for you and get a build to you post 5.5.

Thanks and regards,