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SQL Editor Open


In the SQL Editor, when you click on the folder to open, it shows the Open dialog. I like to see the Date Modified for my files so I know which one to use, so I stretch the window open and change the view to Details. The problem is when I close the window and then go back in, the window size stays like it was (which is good), but it is no longer in Detail mode. Can the mode be saved as well?

Also, everything resets after SQL Nav is closed. Can it be saved permanently?



Hi Charlie,

There was already a request for this from one of our user. I believe that it has been targeted for implementation the next release. We will try to get it to you in the Post 5.5 Beta build.

SQL Nav currenlty uses the standard window open dialog component, we will make changes to save the setting as per your request.

Thanks for your feedback.