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SQL Editor time/timer


Suggestion – in the SQL Editor, when you execute a long running SQL stmt, at the bottom of the window there is the message “Executing SQL…”. Can this be changed to something like “SQL started at 10:35:15” or better yet, a timer as to how long it has been running? After the results come back, there is the message stating how long it took to process, but it would be nice to see it while it is happening.



Something like this you can see in output window… maybe it caould be moved into sql window?

Regards Piter


Hi Charlie,

We will raise a request on your behhalf. We can definitely can take it on for you in the next release.

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Hi Charlie,

There is reporting (similar to what you are requesting) in the ‘Task Manager’ window:
View > Task Manager
Have you tried using this window??
(see attached)



No, I haven’t seen the Task Manager. Does the % actually work? I’ve done a few different things and it either shows 0% or 100%, does not show the progress. That would be nice if it showed the increments of 5 or 10%. If you can do that, then you should be able to show the estimated duration and end time. It would be very nice to show that as well.

Also, the Progress column shows the actual SQL. Is that column labeled properly?

To answer your question, if the Task Mgr does nothing more than show the time Started, then I can use the Output window as Piter suggested. It would be nice to see a timer like “Been running for 13:05… minutes”. Save me from trying to do math in my head.



…Although I’m sure your better at doing math in your head than I am!!!

I think we need to do some work on the Task Manager
Your questions are valid…
This thread is not dead yet



Unfortunately, there is no way to estimate execution time for a query in advance, so we don’t show any progress, just 0% or 100%. The progress works only if you have a multi-step task like a script or Extract DDL, where the progress is the ratio between the number of executed steps and the total number of steps in the task. So I believe we already do the best we can.

When the actual progress is not available, we just show the query being executed to help user identify the task.

Hope this clarifies things,


Esimated progres could be show but from others session, selecting dictionaries stats. This is done for example in Enterprise Manager>edit session>Long Operations and in toad session editor. Assuming when you want track session, there must be a lot of new things implemented…

Regards Piter