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SQL errors appended (newline misinterpreted?)



When I enter and execute (very) buggy code (see screen shot) in the code editor, I get a very long error message string, a concatenation of all errors encountered.

In the output window (not depicted in the screen shot), the errors are nicely “newlined” (each on a separate line).

A bit annoying, because clicking on an error highlights the erroneous line in the code editor, when everything is on a single line, a click always brings me to the first erroneous line…



I’d like to see the error messages as in the attached screen shot.

BTW: if there are a lot of error messages (needing to scroll to see them all), and you click one of them (the corresponding line in the code editor comes into focus), and you then use the mouse scroll wheel to scroll through the errors, the code editor content is scrolled, not the error messages… (workaround: clicking the scroll bar)


Hi Dominique,

The error with the newline character has been raised. I think it’s right that the code editor was scrolled instead of the error pane. Because when you click on the error, the cursor moves to the corresponding error text in the code editor. The cursor is on the code editor so the focus is also on this editor; hence the scroll bar of code editor moves.


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Newline: thanks!
Scrolling: no problem. As luck has it, it happens only once in a blue moon that I write that many errors in a row :sunglasses: