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SQL History (CTRL+ALT+R)


Maybe I’m doing something wrong but the SQL History button on the Code Editor doesn’t do aything.

I know I can get to the SQL History via the toolbox.



It appears to me that if you go to the bottom (Of the code explorer/Database Explorer set of tabs) and then click the “>>” and pick add or remove buttons, then from there pick History. Once history is a tab at the bottom, then if you are in say code explorer tab and press the button or CTL-ALT-R it will bring up the history.

If you alreay have the History tab in your set of tabs or I am misunderstanding the question, then I’ll let the experts handle it, that is how mine works…


I guess it’s not working like 5.5 was. It use to open a window and from there you could select from the list of queries.

Now in version 6 the SQL History is in the toolbox section. The problem is if the toolbox is not prinned and you press ctrl+alt+R, you dont see anything … (making the button useless).



I see what you are saying. I will let the powers that be answer this. Funny thing, until this thread I didn’t even know that was available in 5.x. How sad…


The answer is, Ctrl+Alt+R should also focus the history list, not just switch panels in the toolbox. We rarely here use the auto-hide mode for toolbox. I’ll ask QA to do more testing with this mode. The issue with Ctrl+Alt+R will be addressed.



Hi Sylvain,

We have made changes to slide the Toolbox out when in auto hide (not pinned) mode, it will stay visible for a few secs, ie. it behaves in the same way when you move the mouse over the Toolbox button…

Please check it out in the next Beta drop and let us know if it would work for you.



Will do. Thanks for the quick response !