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SQl History options

I knowit’s late in the dev cycle, but one feature I’d like to see either in this release or a future one is some options to control what goes into the sql history.

One in particular that would be useful is an option not to add saved SQL to the history.

4.X and 5.X both did not add saved sql to the history. Maybe some people like having saved SQL in the history as well, which is why I’m fine with this being an option.

It would also be nice to have a toggle on the SQL editor toolbar to save or not save the current SQL to the history file. That way you could save all your executed sql if you wanted to, even saved files because sometimes those change regularly and it could help to track which versions were executed. There could be times when you have a particularly large series of statements in a script for example, and you have already saved the file. Rather than clutter up (and then have to clean out) the history, it would be nice to temporarily disable saving the sql to history when executing that file.

Thanks for listening,
Peter S

Hi Peter,

Thank you very much for your feedback, customers’ suggeations make SQLNavigator a better product, we always appreciate that.

For your request about history option, I have raised a feature PT#48047275 for it already, we will discuss how will we go with it, and will let you know then, thanks.

Currently for resolving some of your problems, I would like to suggest 2 ways below, might not that right to meet your needs, but I think that’s what we can help so far:

  • We offer an option in preference: Code Editor | General | Save successfully sql in the history tool
  • In sql history panel, we have 4 check boxes (select/PLSQL/DML/Other) on the top to give user a way to view what kind of sqls they want.

Any problems please feel free to let us know, thanks.

Thanks and regards,

Hi Peter,

Before we decide to go with it, may I ask 2 questions to make it more clear?

  • What did you mean about ‘saved SQL’?
    I understood it as sql files we can load in code editor, but I can see the SQLs from loaded file which will be added to history too in 5.5(which is not as what you desciribed 4.x and 5.x will not add saved sql to history) , so I am confused.

  • Do you mean you prefer a button in code editor toolbar to save or not save current SQL to history, rather than use the option in prefernce? Is that correct?

Looking forward your reply, thanks.

Thanks and regards,

Re saved SQL:
What I mean is a file that has had all it’s latest changes saved. In both 4.x and 5.x if the sql had been loaded from a file or created from scratch, but the cahnges weren’t yet saved, then the sql would get added to the history.

However in both versions my experience was that if sql was loaded from a file but not changed, was loaded from a file and edited, but was saved before being executed, or was new and you saved it to a file before executing it, then it wasn’t added to the history.

Like I said, I’m ok with this being an option under preferences, Ie “Add saved sql to history” as a check box, or something like that.

Re the toggle in the code editor:
I actually would like to see both options. If you never want saved sql to go to the editor, then you can turn it off. But if you want case by case control you can leave it on, and then toggle it within the editor as needed.

Plus even if you turn off adding saved sql to the history, you might be doing a large series of inserts or updates and not want to bother saving the file first, and still might not want that particular sql added to the history.

So having both the option in the preferences and the toggle sounds like the best setup to me, to cover most use cases.

Regarding your first reply, what does turning off “saved successfully executed sql in the History tool” do? doesn’t that effectively stop saving any sql to history? If so, that is overkill for me. I also do know about the filter check boxes, and they are ok. But it’s really about not cluttering the history int he first place.

Thanks for listening,
Peter S

Hi Peter,

Thank you so much for your details Peter, we got your points.

What for sure is we consider to add an option in code editor toolbar to save current sql to history or not as what you suggested, but due to the tight schedule and risks, we would like to do it after our v7.0.

We will let you know how we go with it later, thank you for your support of SQLNav.