SQl Monitor

Timestamp: 11:43:19.670

[“Describe only” statement]

Select vtd.task_id,vtd.priority_level,vtd.task_status_id,qcms_task_has_link(vtd.task_id) as hasLink,qcms_object_has_attachment(vtd.task_id,1) as hasAttachment,vtd.task_type_id









From qs_view_task_details vtd, qs_requests Req

where vtd.request_id=req.request_id

and vtd.assigned_to = 11649

I want to know the SQLs triggered from my VB Application. for that purpose, i tied my VB app’ s .EXE to SQL Monitor . But it captures some SQL(I dont know what they are) as below which are not the tables that the App queries on. Can somebody help me in achieve my goal.