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sql nav 6.2 build 1489 crashed when running some queries


open the program, log into a database and then open a query (or one that automatically opens at start). if you immediatly hit F8 (or use the execute step arrow) to run the query without clicking in the editor window, it will crash the program. however, if you click anywhere into the editor window, then hit F8, it will run without a problem.

the strange thing is that it does not always happen with every sql file, but have several that it will crash on and i have attached one of them to this post. i don’t know if it is the complexity of query or what. as i am only tech support and not a true sql navigator user, i’m hoping someone else will have some clue here.

it does not happen with the same file in ver 554.

my tester is on vacation for the next couple weeks, but let me know if i can provide you with more information and i’ll do what i can.

thanks! (464 KB)


Hi Bonnie,

Thanks for your info, we managed to reproduce this issue this time. It only happens with script that contains more than 1 query (doesn’t matter what the query is) and there’s a comment on the first line. We’re working on fixing this issue for 6.2.



looks good! thanks, everyone


Thanks for the update, Bonnie.