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Sql Nav 6.3 can't open 'user editor' with DBA role and lose 'Roles' item



I can't open the 'User Editor' to edit user with DBA role. the 'Roles' item in 'DB Navigator' is missing (i'd already selected the <no filter> in filter.). it is stranger that the 'Enabled Roles' showing different values when I login the same db with same user using ver. 6.3 and 6.2.1.




Hi Kent,

In 6.3, SQL Navigator will use/rely the Enabled DBA View check box in the log in windows when the connection is established.

Attached screen shot of the login window for your reference. Please click the ‘Options>>’ button to expand the window, then tick the Enable using DBA views’, you will be able to open the user editor, and all Enable Roles info should be there too.

Please let us know how you go.