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SQL Nav 7.2 beta (build 3883) SQLeditor Definition for <> was not found


  1. Start typing name of package find function with auto fill - GOOD for example “select dbms_lob.substr from dual”

  2. Press Ctrl and click on function to get “Definition for <> was not found” error

Hi Smithsv,

Please try to add the schema in the front of package name, such as “SYS.dbms_lob.substr” or “CURRENT_USER.package_name.function_name” , thanks.



But when i analyze error, i often copy parts of sql code in packages to sqleditor, and then i can’t follow to packages by link.

And it’s strange - auto-complete works, but following not.

I checked that i can do it in sql navigator v 5.5 so i think it’s regression.

Still not working in SQL Navigator 7.2 beta (build 3901)

But works in SQL Navigator