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SQL Navigator 4.1 start up error.


When trying to start up the SQL Navigator 4.1, I am getting an error message of “Problem: Unhandled Exception at startup - File not found” “Solution: Report the problem to Quest Support. Application will be terminated (some memory loss is possible) when you press OK.” and then confirming to the message, I am getting another error message of “Access violation at address 00BADD51 in module ‘SQLNav4.exe’. Read of address 00000010”. I would appreciate it if anyone can shed some light on this. I don’t understand this error. Because I had used this SQL Navigator very well without the error messages. But others computer installed 4.1 version haven’t any problem to start up.


Hi Phil,

Welcome to the community. For issues with previous versions of SQL Navigator, I would suggest you to contact our Support. We’re currently working on version 6.1 so unless this issue still exists on the current 6.0 GA, I doubt there’s something we can do to fix it. If you hang on for a couple of days, you can get a copy of 6.1 beta and see the issue is still outstanding.



Hi Phil,

Seems it makes no sense to to wonder at the error a longer time.
Your version has been outdated a long time ago.

The probably fastest and simplest way to repair your problem:
Uninstall your version, delete all remaining files in the corresponding directory and install it again.

And as Gwen already recommend: Try the latest version as soon as possible.

Good luck!