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SQL Navigator 6.0 Beta R7 (Build 825) - various


Hello Team,

so far I found these:

  1. UE DB Explorer: The node “Synonyms” occurs under the node “Packages” rather then at the same level as all other kinds of nodes for DB-objects. Is this intended (and if yes - why) or a little bug?

  2. F3 still don’t work as expected (and you promised for this beta). Instead a error pops up: “Search String ‘’ not found”.
    As long as the DB Navigator exists parallel to the UE the well know behaviour of any kind of action (also F3) should not be changed.
    Again - I think this would be (or rather is) a really bad idea. This is also true for the Data Browse action over the mouse menu (equivalent to F3)
    In the current beta a Data Browse action over the mouse menu opens the UE, although I only want to view/browse (normal) data in a grid.
    Please don’t destroy well known, proved and useful functionality unless you have a better or at least equivalent functionality.
    (And no, I’m not a parson :slight_smile: )

  3. Still: I really do miss the old well, known view where I can see all the units in short in the Package spec node. If I’m not completely wrong this has been promised for this beta too.

  4. in the UE-> data grid: If you double click onto a cell a sub-tab viewer/editor opens.
    -a ) I think this is a very often uses action. The short cut to close a tab (with 3 simultaneous keys) for such a common operation is much to complicated !
    -b) it don’t work. The content disappears, but the tab remains open.
    -c) with the same short cut SQL Navi closes (without any question) if you press it on times to much. Bad thing.
    -d) I’m not sure if or if not it is useful at all to open a tab for every single one of these operation.
    I tend to say no. I think the “old” solution with only one open editor windows at the same time for a cell-item is much better.

This seems to be fixed: In some situations in DB-Explorer “close tab” don’t really close the tab(s) not via F4

Only one note:
Would it be useful to have a “close all tabs” action ? I always try to keep not too much units (tabs) open, but maybe other people has a different working style and could find this useful.

I wish you a nice weekend!

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Hi Andre,
1.Synonyms are under each kind of node - check this. Simply synonyms are grouped like real objects - i think it’s good idea.
2.Agree with you F3 could be working, it is very important to speed up our work. (column list in generated statement could be listed too - i use this to fast copy columns into plsql code ;))
3.Agree, Symbols could be upgraded :wink:



Hi Andre,

Thanks again for sending us this list.

Roman is not in today, I will discuss with Roman this list tomorrow, and Roman will get in touch with you tomorrow.

Thanks and regards,


Hi Andre,

  1. Are you happy with Piter’s explanation with regard to the Synonyms? Please give us your thoughts.

  2. We do intend to fix this shortcut… Bruce is working hard at getting all the shortcuts consistent with the original SQL Nav workflows. Hopefully this will be okay in the next build. We totally agree with your comments re the proven and useful functionality.

  3. We are changing this, and it should also be as you expect in the next build.

  4. We had discussion about this today… and we are going to take your advise and re-implement the old functionality of opening the (one) pop-up edit window when you double click on a data grid. Please check it out in the next build!!

  • Jaime -


Hi Jaime,

Thank you for your very fast feedback.
What shall I say in addition - I’m looking forward to the next build.

I’m sorry Piter, I never intended to ignore your comment.
The meaning is clear now because of your explanation. Thank you.

Just for verification purposes:
Under every object type node exists a (sub) node “Synonyms” under which all the objects from the same type are displayed if there are synonyms for these objects.
I have just tested this and I found that this is true only for private and not for public synonyms. However, I do think this is absolutely ok.



Hi Andre,
Public synonym are under PUBLIC node in schema list, so all object under this node are public synonyms except db_links, isn’t it?



Hi Piter,

Forget it! My note on this was absolutely nonsense :slight_smile: