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SQL Navigator 6.0 Beta R8 has been delayed...


We’ve decided to postpone the release of the beta8 build of SQL Navigator.
Based on the extremely valuable feedback that we have received from our beta users, we feel that there is a lot more work we need to finalize before we release the next beta build.

We need to improve some of the workflows, and work on some stability issues that have been introduced by recent changes.

With your help, we are definitely moving ahead!! So thanks heaps to all of our regular and new contributors…
Piter, Charlie, Paolo, Andre, Filipe, Dwayne, Clay, ANV, Dietmar and WebByte.

We feel that it’s important to make the next drop one that you can all use with confidence, in your production environments, so we can really see if the new SQL Nav will be a worthy replacement for the current 5.5.3 release. We feel that it will be, but we need to hear it from you guys too.

We hope that the delay won’t be more than a few weeks, but we will keep you all posted on our progress.
In the mean time, please keep the feedback coming in.

  • Jaime -


Hello Jaime,
I think, this is a courageously and very wise decision.
It definitely makes no sense to present a new version with less comfort or less functionality and stability than the current version has.

You (all) should take the time you need to make it best you can.
5.5.3 is a good release and there is no need to fall in panic.

Best Regards,


No problem for us, 5.5.3 and current beta is good enough to work with plsql code, do the best what you can do with next beta. You are not Bill Gates, so don’t hurry with instable release ;).



5.5.x doesn’t work with Oracle 11g (6.0b does. And I do) but I’d better wait for a stable beta release than to use the newest one with a lots of bugs… So, you’ve taken the wise decision, Jaime.