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SQL Navigator 6.0 build 1049 expired today


…and the GA release will be here in a few days. So we’re stuck with 5.5 for the time being? Bummer.


I hear ya, be nice to have the “beta” available until the GA was released!!! (hint, hint )



Hi, Joe,

It’s just that I use SQLNavigator almost every single day at work, and I’ve become quite addicted to some of the new features of 6.0.
Switching back to 5.5 this morning was really hard .

Here’s me hoping for a GA release sometime this week…


Good to hear that we have people addicted to 6.0

  • Jaime -


Hi All,

The GA date is 17 Sept. To better server you, we will provide you a new Beta build with end date of 20 Sept, so you all could continue using the Beta until 6.0 is GA.

I have sent out an announcement yesterday to inform you about the current Beta build expired and the GA release will be available in a few days, but to protect/respect your privacy, the Community will not send email out on new announcements. I should also have created a new post/thread :-).

We are all glad to see this post :-).

The new Beta build should be available in 1-2 hours.



Hi All,

Build 1055 is now available from:

The zip file contains 3 files: sqlnav6.exe, data_editors.dll and PLSQL_debugger.dll.
Please copy the files into your current 6.0 Beta 1049 app install folder.

Build 1055 expires on 20 Sept 08. Hope that you will get access to the GA release by then.

Thanks and regards,




BIG thanks!!!


…and a HUGE thanks for releasing the GA version today!