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SQL Navigator 6.1 Beta Build 1071 is available for download!


Please refer to for more info.

v6.1 includes:
New QP5 formatter which supports syntax up to 11G.
Just-in-time Debugger.
Session browser.
Changes to the Oracle logon dialog to enable Direct connection.
Support login to database name with schema that contains special characters.
Replace the old grid in Table editor with the new data grid with NLS support (multiple languages)
Separate Schema and Object Name fields, bugs fixed in Find Objects.
Allow searching for columns in table/view objects.
Reference to include data type definition for table column.
Bug fixed in trigger editor.
General improvement to cell editor, cursor editor, array editor to allow displaying complex data type.
Bug fixed to support Label syntax, wrapped object.
Option to modify the line separator used for insert records into a table.
Several bugs fixed for extract DDL.


Hi All,

The last file upload causes some issues when installing the Beta on the clean environment, ie when you do not have Quest Installer installed previously.
We have just uploaded the installer file again.

If you get an error message when start the insatller, please try to download the installer file again.

Thanks and regards,