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SQL Navigator 6.2.0 Build 1489 (expires 31 July 09) is now available!


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I have just installed the latest 6.2- beta for the first time and chosen to take over the prefs from my 6.1 GA.
In GA there are the setting for:
Code Editor > Syntax highlighting -> Higlighting style = Custom (white).
However the background color is white there as useful and expected.

But in the current beta (with the prefs taken over from 6.1) the background color is black.
Very strange and annoying.
Would it not be better to set this to white too?
Or if there are any problems with taking over the pres from 6.1 to set this option to Classic what would result in a white background too?

I think this will be annoying for almost all people installing the 6.2 GA.
Is this a known issue?



Hi Andre,

I can reproduce the issue here. We will fix it for 6.2.


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