SQL Navigator 6.2.1 Code editor and print settings

I have a package with some lines that are longer than 80 characters. I would like to print it in landscape orientation. Can I do that?

In SQL Navigator 6.2.1, File > Print Setup… lets me pick different paper sizes and and orientations, but as far as I can tell File > Print Preview always arranges the code for letter-sized paper in portrait orientation, and wraps lines if they would extend past the 1-inch page margins. When I actually print the code, it comes out in landscape orientation, but the lines are still wrapped for letter-sized paper and the lines that would have appeared at the bottom of the portrait page are missing.

Hi Glen,

Thanks for reporting. This seems to be a bug in the current version. I have raised a CR so it will be fixed in a future version.


I have same issue with 6.4.
Is this still open? or it reappeared?

Is there a parameter that I should change?

I’d love to be able to print code on 11 x 17.

Rick D, West Chester, PA

Hi Rick D

This issue has been fixed in 6.5, you are welcome to try our beta and see if it works better for you now.