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SQL Navigator 6.2 Beta Build 1476 (expires 31 July 09) is available now!


Hi all,

The final candidate for SQL Navigator 6.2 is now available to download. Please find more information here:




The default colors changed?

A sql statement with an invalid identifier get the line with the error in a redish color.



Yes, it now behaves just like 5.5. Is that a bad thing?


HiI didn’t have 5.5 as that…but I was upgrading from a previous version.

I was already used to the color schema and the error line selection being the same as in the errors in lines of packages (without that “red”).

I find that color very annoying to read the underline text…and color bind people will see that as all “black”
Of course the user can using the preferences change it…
it’s a minor issue and maybe nobody else has problems with that.



It turns out 5.5 uses a white font with red background so it’s easier to read the text. Also as soon as the user types/clicks on the text this highlight disappears. In SQL nav 6.2, user has to wait a few seconds. We may make another build to address these issues. I will keep you posted. Thanks.


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in the builds 1486 and 1489 that changed already to a more friendly selection and color (see attach).




THanks for the update, Filipe.