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SQL Navigator 6.3 has been released!


**We would like you let you know that SQL Navigator 6.3 has now been released.

A big thankyou for all of your effort and feedback with this release

The 6.4 beta cycle will start soon, stay tuned.

SQL Navigator Team



Just a reminder to anyone that this version doesn’t have the new Formatter v5.158

That new version fix known issues:

  1. formatter breaks on package/procedure separator.
    2.Formatter anomaly with conditional compilation.

I have being using that version already on month (with 6.3 beta) with not more problems than the previous one

check post for that new version

“(…) formatter v5.158 will not be included in 6.3 final release because it’s too late in the release cycle and we don’t have time to finish its integration testing. You can still use the files from formatter v5.158 after you get SQLNav 6.3 final release.”