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SQL Navigator 6.4.0 is now available for download!


Hi All,

We would like to inform you that v6.4.0 (build 1930) is now available for download from our Support link. More information, please refere to

Beta build should be uninstalled using the Quest Installer (All Programs\Quest Software\Quest Installer) before installing v6.4.0 GA.

Many thanks again to everyone for your input and feedback with this release.

Thanks and regards,
SQL Navigator Team.
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One small issue already: if I double-click a CLOB field in the output pane, and this field contains more lines than can be displayed in the CLOB editor, a scrollbar appears at the right. But pulling this scroll bar all the way down does not scroll me to the last line of the text, only to about 40-50 lines from the bottom…


Yes I was able to reproduce this easily. We will address this in 6.5



Can’t seem to find build 1930. Can someone tell me where I can download it?


The final versions are available in Support Link -


Oh, my bad. I didn’t realize that was the final version. I thought it was another beta version to test out.


Thanks Filipe.

Hi Joe, you can try with the download upgrade link in the Download area as attached screenshot, click the Upgrade (v6.4) link will take you to the download area.

Thanks and regards,



Issue is solved in (beta). Thx.