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SQL Navigator 6.4 Beta (build 1901) is available!


You can download the latest 6.4 beta from the following location:

Issues resolved since previous 6.4 beta release:

Cannot create tablespaces using DB nav tree
Code completion for alias doesn’t work if the last statement does not end with semi-colon
Capture Web Output is not disabled when selecting and de-selecting the option
Error with opening Tablespaces node
AV when save spool tab text
Expand/Collapse code all at once
Code Completion doesn’t work for record index in a CURSOR FOR loop
Cann’t open the other schema’s trigger when connected as a non-DBA user
Clob editor inserts line breaks if the Wrap Lines" button is pressed"
Profile Code and Muti-File Formatting form are not destroyed after form closing
Filter on All Schemas does not work in DBX
Some difference with BindedVariables between 6.3 and 6.4
Highlighting SQL Statement in code editor and running it once works once, running it more than that loses focus and runs everything below it also.
Sqlnav fails to display number field when decimal symbol is the same with grouping symbol
Miss Use FROM clause “in table insert export properties”
Smart Tab is not working correctly
After Comment and uncomment package, Switch PROCEDURE name from combo box list in EC will cause ‘Index out of bounds’
Nav hangs when opening CodeXpert for object type
Couldn’t use backspace to delete a tab space.
Roles,Profiles… in DBNav Trees still displayed when connect as Non DBA user
When entering filter expression in DB Filter dialog, sometimes invalid entries are inserted in the dropdown list.
Rerunning CodeExpert does not get changed database object code
Enhance the filter for DB Explorer to be the same as the one in DBNav tree
Cannot execute sql when having Auto Parse option OFF
Executing long running package locks Nav until it completes
Code Editor does not accept input of Traditional Chinese characters.
ORA-00904: invalid column name" error when expand table partitions nodes DB Explorer in DB 8i"
List index out of bounds[0]" occurs when refreshing a table "
NCLOB type can’t save
SQL*plus command highlight disappears after applying preferences
Ticking expression in run tab is difficult to undo
Refresh from Current Node" does not refresh partition info after table drop and recreate.
Two errors in dropping index in DBNav Tree
Scroll bar in the Comments tab of table editor is disabled when the object is not checked out
Saving large Query Results
Column sorting increases column width when sorting
Public synonyms are not sorted in sql modeler
Cell editor doesnt get focus after opening

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