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SQL Navigator 6.4 Beta build 1913 (expires 31 Oct 2010) is now available!


You can download the latest 6.4 beta from the following location:

Issues resolved since previous 6.4 beta release:

  • Check-In and -Out for Scripts doesn’t work
  • Execute time is not correct on panel
  • SQL Navigator Output window does not display the new sessions tabs
  • Auto select parent object when creating index/trigger from a table
  • Can’t Extract DDL for table :COMPLEX_IOT_LOB_RANGE_PART8
  • AV in grid when changing TABs during long running query
  • Add preference to change position of the sub tab in Code Editor to top or bottom
  • Add the bookmark options back to the edit menu
  • Save Parameters from Run TAB does not save default and expressions
  • Return “Echo SQL” option for spooling
  • Selecting F9 couple times quickly shows error message
  • Click on Db Explorer package entries jumps to wrong entry of package
  • Scroll bar disappears
  • The code editor looses focus after formatting
  • When selecting a word with double click of the mouse it will select a previous > sign
  • Support ‘Follows’ clause for database triggers
  • Auto word selection works incorrectly
  • CLOB Viewer shows XML data all in one line.
  • Unable to copy part of a line on the Spool tab plus some other featuring missing from 6.1
  • Save to file" in Code Editor is not greyed out after saving a query
  • LDAP descriptor list is very slow to populate in v6.3.
  • Cannot end/suspend stored program execution using Task Manager
  • Enhance the filter for DB Explorer to be the same as the one in DBNav tree
  • Home button doesn’t work as expect in data grid
  • SQL Navigator hangs when closing tab after aborting the debugger
  • Issue with extended ASCII characters when exporting as table inserts
  • Debugging object using F7 on 10g causes SQL Nav to hang.
  • It takes longer to generate DDL when drag table from one schema to another
  • Expand ‘Rollback Segments’ Node in DBNavigator will cause error info
  • If the directory to save does not exist, there is no error message informing you
  • SQL Navigator 6.2.1 does not return single row sub-query returns more than one row
  • LDAP connections enable/disable correctly via sqlnet.ora file
  • Run formatter in separate thread for Code Editor and View Editor
  • Issue with select trigger in DB Explorer

SQL Navigator Team


I assume that, as before, we have to uninstall the last beta before installing this one?



Yes, you have. All the betas have to be uninstalled before installing the next beta.