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SQL Navigator 6.4 beta is now available!


You can download the latest 6.4 beta from the following location:

Known Issues:

  • Formatter is now running in a separate thread and are able to continue working in SQL Navigator while your formatting completes, however there are issues with formatting multiple objects at the same time.
  • There is an issue creating triggers in the DB Navigator. If you attempt to create a trigger by right-clicking on the trigger node and selecting create, you will get an ‘Interface not supported’ error appear

Resolved Issue:

  • After upgrading to Oracle 10g, CLOB Viewer shows XML data all in one line.
  • ctrl+enter Should open the Body (if possible).
  • Save to file" in Code Editor is not greyed out after saving a query - regression"
  • Trigger VOE and Code editor handles text differently: dot look up, syntax highlight…
  • Disable/Enable functionality for CONSTRAINTS is missing on RH click menu in DB Explorer
  • Preference to set Scan defines/subsitutions
  • when selecting a word with double click of the mouse it will select a previous > sign
  • Issues with ‘Keywords to Uppercase’ preference - Regression
  • Don’t trim blanks at the end/beginning of a template
  • SQL Navigator Output window does not display the new sessions tabs
  • Enhance the filter for DB Explorer to be the same as the one in DBNav tree
  • Parentheses are not matched correctly when there are comments in between
  • Code disappears after commentting out the collapsed block
  • Abritrary line break(s) in string pasted into CLOB column
  • Shift+F4 to be disabled when there’s one blank tab left
  • Alt+f11 to jump between spec and body
  • Import HTML as PL/SQL should be disabled while in SQL layout
  • Variable is not highlighted correctly if contains $ (regression)
  • Syntax highlighting highlights the wrong character when ‘Use tab character’ is ON
  • Run comment option in the Profiler is ignored
  • DBMS output in spool tab is hard to read when highlighted
  • Issue with show row# preference
  • Include row# when copy should be remembered even when SQL Navigator closes
  • ORA-01476 doesn’t show when fetch all records
  • AV if execute a non-query statement surrounded by brackets
  • Issue with Rename Package in CodeExplorer
  • Exported content shows html tags un MS Word (regression)
  • Data grid size does not persist if there’re more than two open code editors
  • Home button doesn’t work as expect in data grid
  • Issue saving large Query Results in 6.2
  • xml cell editor cannot be clear content by ‘Backspcace’
  • ER: ER: “Single row view” needs “Copy column heading” name
  • can’t filter dblink in DBX
  • Lob viewer page in preference is no used.
  • Right click menu displayed when right click on the panel(the right space of refresh button in DBX)
  • DBX RH menu Drop is shown in wrong places
  • GLOBAL is missed in the keywords list
  • split is set in code editor, then Text in code editor will disappear when apply preference.
  • Formatter: formats wrong after the package/procedure separator
  • Nav crash or AV when Extract DDL after Get MetaData
  • Find (CTRL+F) Does not work in spool tab.
  • Test case name is still shown after the last one is deleted
  • Close tab cause TcxTabs.GetTab: Tab’s index (1) out of bounds
  • Grouped column lose catpion when Show Row# is off in Preferences
  • Issues with Session Commit with Table editor data grid.
  • AV when double click the gutter in the DDL tab
  • Run Formatter in separate thread for Code Editor and View Editor etc.
  • SQL*Plus command highlight were broken (Regression 6.2)
  • Issue with Date format when exporting data as table inserts
  • Cursor in Code Editor moves down after formatting text
  • Visual position and cursor jump in Code Editor after applying preferences
  • Hide Direct connection tab on Login Window using a hidden registry entry.
  • Issue with tab chars and executing a selected SQL.
  • Request to support User Profile with TNS_ADMIN=%USERPROFILE%
  • Not all constraint states are displayed - Rely clause
  • Parser terminate Create sequence incorrectly
  • Goto line: should remove all leading and trailing space.
  • Copy and Paste sql cause AV
  • right click on table node on DBX will cause AV
  • Expand DBExplorer Node cause AV
  • invalid class typecast when refreshing top node in DBX
  • No result gird display
  • Invalid Class typecast when saving changes to an object
  • Issue cloning objects
  • Code Expert causes AV
  • Connection in 6.x takes too long
  • Should not do the QCTO Repository check when changing the entries drown list in package object editor.

SQL Navigator Team

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S:When trying to install I got the following error:
Critical Errors :
SQL Navigator for Oracle Beta : 1638

PS: using windows 7 and having SQL Navigator 6.3.1 installed and working


Found solution: uninstall previous beta (programs uninstall)

Sorry about that