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SQL Navigator 6.5 Beta build 2032 (expires 31 March 2011)


Hi Everyone

Here is our first 6.5 beta release for 2011, hope you enjoy it!

Location of the build:

Issues resolved in this release:

Boolean output parameters should show true/false
Allow to stop Code Search when searching
‘Interface not supported’ error occurs when clicking on ‘Code Test’ in tool menu
The Describe Tool only works for objects in the current schema
Opening an object in Project Manager opens a new direct connection
Session Browser: users required to have gv_$session granted to use the Session Browser
Preference to include sessions created by Oracle
generate DDL script for package should take into account extract DDL preference.
OS Authentication: Invalid uid/pwd error occurs when session busy then requests to open new session
In Debugger,update module owner but not module name, then add a breakpoint, error appears if you click on it
The focus is sometimes not on the error after the statement is executed
Error occurs when accessing other schemas trigger or Index
save file type in BLOBs should default to ‘Any File’
Save button is not enabled in New Constraint editor
Delete BLOB, commit, then add new BLOB causes ORA-22275-invalid LOB locator specified
‘&’ (ampersand) lost in view when applying changes to DB
Session Browser provide schema owner in Explain Plan
Reoccurring ‘Save As’ prompts
Header in Print Preview doesn’t match the actual print out
Keep Alive option in SQL Navigator
Formatter items should disable when focus on Spool tab
User-defined substitution variables are removed from the list if the current script doesn’t have them
bad handle error occurs after addikng watch to function with scopes ‘body’ in Debugger
Incorporate ‘Keywords to Uppercase’ preference into code completion
Issue with printing in landscape setting
Cannot see materialized views in DB Navigator
‘not null’ clause will not show when extract ddl
Open file in the new Nav instance should prompt the user to log in
Move the Drop menu away from Extract DDL in DBNav tree popup menu
Can’t see underscores in the Data Grid header
Open script file associate with Nav does not prompt for connection
Refresh issues on DB Nav tree on SYSTEM node
Handle Large Data Sets in the data grid - with Out of memory error rather than AV
Table editor- default values Error: ORA-01858: a non-numeric character was found where a numeric was expected
Missing the error/log panel after SQL execution in v6.x compared with v.5 Editor pane does not show the results as a split pane
Max cursors exceeded when running lots of SQL statements - Error: ORA-00604: error occurred at recursive SQL level 1
User as a default but it does not work in editor (table)
Filter (advanced) not filtering DBX on restore
Output spooling slow (improvement for 10g2 client and above only)
Degraded performance of Nav on large databases with many objects

SQL Navigator Team


I think that it’s great to have an “open parent” button in indexes.
How about having also that button in constraints and triggers?

BTW: in the index/contrainst/table editor you can press cntl-D to get the DDL of the “current object” (that is also great) …but there is no button in the interface for that, right?



Exciting to see improvements… how long does it usually take to get the RTM version? Folks are waiting anxiously as we forced 6.3 on them due to Windows7 …


Thankyou we are also excited about all the customer issues we have been to resolve over the last couple releases.

6.5 should go out end 1st quater or early 2nd.



Hi Filipe

I will raise an enhancement request to have the ‘open parent’ button for constraints and indexes.

About the extract DDL, that is correct,you can press ctrl-d or select it using the ‘Object’ menu.



Please, do not make ‘Db explorer’ default and only view for the window.

I would like to make ‘Code explorer’ default view and I do not use Db explorer becouse I prefer Db navigator. Now the only possibility to avoid db explorer is to do something like this: disable Db Explorerer button, than put Code explorer on top of button list (as a metter of fact I take all the buttons down to small icons, becouse I ned full and not ).

Do not take decisions for us, let us choose what view is more confident for individual.
Sql Nav now remeberes the order of butons, so in my oppinion it is enough to open previous view, or open the one that is on the top of the list.



Hi radhadi,

I will raise a CR to make Toolbox remember the last view.