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SQL Navigator 6.5 Beta build 2071 (expires 31 May 2011) is now available!


Hi Everyone

Here is our final 6.5 beta release.
You can download it from the following location:

Issues resolved in this release:

Right-click out of the highlighted area and selection is lost
Bind Variables window doesn’t exist when Scan Defines/substitution" is on
Catastrophic failure occurs when viewing BFILE the 1st time
When you try to highlight the code with mouse and drag off the bottom, selection is lost
Make BFILE read-only
About window shows “Schema Browser” which should be “DB Navigator”"
dbms_output : not showing output generated before error until next SQL is run
Add Disable menu for Constraints and Triggers in Table Editor VOE
Filter Issues in DB Nav Tree : make consistent with DBExplorer
Deleting filters still shows in filter list
Add a Disable button to Constraint Editor
Alt Gr" + “y” is not translated to “>” on the Hungarian keyboard"
Open file dialogue file, set default for file type
Opening and saving a schema trigger will remove trigger options - COMMENT,RENAME
Issue with mouse click and shortcut menu when using dual monitor
Bind Variable Window can’t remember modes and types of parameters set previously
Session Browser auto refresh opens all hidden sessions
Degraded performance of Nav on large databases (3000 users), when Show Users in Schema List" preference is set ON."
Add ability to export entire column of BLOB data like Toad for Oracle.
Extract of securefile LOB is not picking up the securefile option
Include a DROP FORCE clause for type object
Enhance DB Navigator Tablespace and Datafiles functionality
Could not open package object with parameters of type when having NO permission to see the type object.
View Difference Report - Should add 'No differences found" if objects are identical."
SQL Nav hangs on long running query + Explain Plan+View Differences
Bug on tree refresh in DB Explorer on saved filter
Have checkbox in filter to use case & ignore case by default
DBX Filter did not take into account lower case object name
Add process for object being formatted in the task manager so user can stop it if it takes too long
Cant save Filter in DBX if it has % symbol in name
DBX filter shows current schema in Other Schemas
New button added in Session Browser window close to connection dropdown. Allow user to include SYSTEM schemas.ER: Session Browser to include SYS schemas
% in selected schema name in the Full filter - does not work in DB Explorer
Object status is not correct and it cannot be saved
The status of Extract DDL was not modified and save button was disabled, can close it without any confirmation.
Formatter: focus position becomes wrong after formatting invalid text
Editor pane does not show results as split pane
Maintain the size of the data grid after user change for multi sql execution
“save to file” icon greyed after executing selected sql
AV when reset parameters, while debugging package

SQL Navigator Team