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SQL Navigator 6.5 Beta build 2086 (expires 31 May 2011) is now available!


Hi Everyone

Here is our latest beta build 2086 which can be downloaded from the following location:

Note: You need to uninstall the previous beta before installing the new one.

This release addresses the following:

  • Internal issue found by QA where debugging an object was causing Nav to hang if debug was turned OFF and ON multiple times.

  • New simplified installer

SQL Navigator Team

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Hi Lidia,

it’s nice to see that you now more often provide new (and corrected) drops of beta.
This is like I know it from the TOADdys - and I personally find it very usefull.
Keep up doing so.

Thank you very much!
Best Regard


I have not run into the issue where the debugger brought nav to a halt while writing code using this new build. * At least not yet *