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SQL Navigator 7.0 Beta build 2758 (expires 28 Feb 2013) is now available!


Hi everyone,

We are happy to announce our third 7.0 beta (2758) drop to our community.

You can download this from the following location:


  • If you have GA version installed, you must install this beta build side by side

We have fixed many bugs found in internal testing as well as the following stories raised by the community:

Id Story

37334387 DB Explorer; right-click menu shows OTHERS with no items under it’ to the project 'SQL Navigator

40579141 Code Explorer doesn’t show correctly for package create script

40404689 Indent ctrl-I and un-indent ctrl-u no longer work

38150129 Scroll bar is broken on Code Templates

33831911 Scrollbar bounces back when dragging it to the bottom and let go

40575625 select with mouse cursor doesn’t work if mouse placed between gutter and text

29287439 Lock in the toolbars so they don’t accidently get moved (Option available in right-click menu on toolbar)

37976487 cant drag/select text in the Code Editor

40736307 DB Explorer: ability to checkout objects like DBnav. Add all Team coding right click menus to DB Explorer like what currently available in DB Navigator.

30823031 Code Editor: Back and Forward buttons do not work in the Code Editor

37071417 Shortcut for code template puts cursor at beginning of sql rather than the end

38250093 Can’t drag and drop conditions from the Check Condition tab in Constraint Editor to Code Editor

41141003 Select with mouse cursor doesn’t work if mouse placed between gutter and text

Please note this is still work in progress, there are some components that are disabled due to a number of issues of some third party components, we will fix those issues soon.

Note we are getting very close to finishing up with development so feel free to give feedback on any serious issues you find.

Thankyou for working with us this year. We appreciate all of the feedback from our community, and look forward to working together next year.

Best wishes to you all in this festive season and wishing you all a very happy New Year!


SQL Navigator Team


The new build has problems with diacritic symbols again. Just like in the thread:


Hi Martins,

Thanks for the feedback. I replied in the original thread you posted before.