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SQL Navigator 7.0 Beta build 2814 (expires 30 Apr 2013) is now available!


HI Everyone,

We are happy to announce our fourth SQL Navigator 7.0 beta (2814) drop to our community.

You can download this from the following location:


1- If you have GA version installed, you must install this beta build side by side

2- In this beta we fixed an issue related to Profile Migration which was causing the registry to corrupt. If you have the corrupt registry it is recommended you need clean the SQL Navigator 7.0 beta registry and user Profile Data before installing this release.
You can easily tell if you have this issue by going to regedit and look at the following location: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Quest Software\SQL Navigator 7.0.0 Beta
If your registry is corrupt you will have some folder names as singled letters (eg. B C D) as per the screenshot.

If you have the corrupt registry steps to clean are as follows:
i. Make sure the beta application it is not running.
ii. Delete the entire HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Quest Software\SQL Navigator 7.0.0 Beta directory
iii. Delete the entire user profile data:
eg. C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\SQL Navigator 7.0.0 Beta
Once you have done this, you can install SQL Navigator 7.0 beta or restart if you already installed it.

Please also note, if you do not want to clean your registry and profile because you do not want to lose what you have, that is also fine. The registry actually causes no issues when running SQL Navigator.
You can upgrade as usual and leave the registry but keep in mind that you will have the strange single letter directories in the registry for the beta release only.
GA version will not have this issue.

3- We are getting very close to finishing up with development so feel free to give feedback on any serious issues you find, or if you are waiting on a fix that you feel is high priority.

The Following stories raised via support and community have been fixed:
Id Story
40584399 Wrong plan in session browser->current SQL
43615315 Issue renaming table
42537577 Executing SQL without session has error: Session Manager: GetSession - Index out of bounds
40500669 Selecting proc/function within pkg doesnt bring function up to top/middle like 6.7
37071417 Shortcut for code template puts cursor at beginning of sql rather than the end
38236443 Block selection needs to work with replace all
37560917 Format text + case with 2 value identical
44680587 Invalid variant type on procedure with Object Type

We also fixed the following issues raised internally:
Id Story
41303081 RH in DBExplorer -> Click “L” should do extract DDL rather than Purge recycle bin
39183709 Disable/enable a trigger in DB Explore will lose focus
33982231 Drop table from DBX will lose focus.
32580199 Lost focus and Collapse Node after complie object
39100095 HTML editor not working correctly
32008377 Project Manager loses focus
41699393 The Font and Font Style doesn’t work for data grid in preference
38714541 After doing refresh, expand root node in DB Explore will cause error in output
41647433 Keywords to uppercase doesn’t work in double bracket
37980789 Find/Replace regular expression bugs
40092363 XML editor does not show highlight like 6.7
38396989 Find/replace: we should not lose selection after single find or replace
40820763 In LOB editor, saving to file will make the content disappear
42532605 Run query in one tab and view data in another and AV occurs
43033997 Go to definition doesn’t work when cursor is at the end of the word but before semicolon
42450065 Cannot view column storage properties when table not checked out
33984579 Code Search: Object field only support UPPERCASE
40177501 Click button “Clear” in calendar drop down list will cause error in execution console
37403157 Help submit feedback changes
28502459 Data Set Viewer should provide copy selected multi cells like in the Data grid
40595027 Auto Step Over and Auto trace into doesn’t work in debugger
36529789 There is no limitation for “Default Rows Dsiplayed” value in preference of spool output
30114423 Rename object in DBX doesn’t show the new name unless do refresh
29368457 Project Manager UI seems slow
40505049 Commit shows error when DBMS output is on
41700119 Code Editor performance is slow when there are more than 10,000 lines in
38250093 Can’t drag and drop conditions from the Check Condition tab in Constraint Editor to Code Editor
35084855 Print and Print Preview issues
40822877 Explain Plan: Code Templates do not work but they did in 6.7
40671717 Open proc causes list index out of bounds
42264391 Unspecified error when click on Html editor toolbar button
27140131 Implementation of New Quest Key Library
42774375 AV when do refresh in session browser after reconnect session
29525649 Tools->Session Browser
39514935 History : when no entry’s appear all the buttons are still enabled
38940589 RH item in DBX “Rename” should only allow upper case and limited special characters"#" “$” like what we suport in 6.7
41995093 Rename for object should add double quotes if the name is in unicode/mixedcase/special characters
33690693 Toolbar-Wrap Code feature is not implement
42871661 Print header is still shown even if I have set this option off in preference
42102505 Unable to run object in EC after entering invalid expression
39526597 Execute on node “Entries” under package will cause AV
43107361 AV when do locate in Tree in Find Recycle Bin Objects
42013493 Should not allow to input any value of REF CURSOR type for input parameters
36606965 Large data in grid: less data can be fetched in 7.0 compared to 6.7
42448639 Horizontal split & run script, gutter is different
42447925 Filter doesn’t work after setting and deleting quick filter
42694323 CodeRoadMap RH item should NOT appear on table in DBNav tree
38150655 Session Reconnect grey’s out current screen
36126881 Execution Console: navigation between input cells 6.7 vs 7.0 is different
44355081 Profile Migration causes windows layout corruption error.
27208311 Optimizer/Nav integration issues
43740715 Input parameter in execution console and execute with debugger on will cause error
36759009 Dot Lookup: variables not displayed in list when pkg is open
43624733 Replace encryption engine for DB connection passwords
44438103 Profile Migration: Strange / corrupt registry after migration

SQL Navigator Team


Hi Lidia,

If I delete my regedit, won’t I lose my project, my connections and my current open sessions?



Hi Jet

You are right, you will lose all your current open sessions.

If you dont want to clean up like I suggested, thats OK just leave it, the corrup registry actually causes no harm.
Just upgarde as usual, and keep in mind you will have a slightly weird looking registry with the single letter directories.

It should not cause any problems running Nav.

I’ll edit my post above to explain this for those who are in your shoes.