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SQL Navigator 7.0 beta (build 2876) is now available for download!

Hi Everyone,

We are happy to announce another SQL Navigator 7.0 beta (2876) drop to our community which expires 31-May-2013.

You can download this from the following location:

You will need to unzip the file before running the installer.


1- If you have GA version installed, you must install this beta build side by side

2- We are getting very close to finishing up with development so feel free to give feedback on any serious issues you find, or if you are waiting on a fix that you feel is high priority.
The Following stories raised via support, community and internal testing have been fixed:
Id Description
48881793 In func/pro/pkg, Select a whole line with mouse from right to left will make breakpoint display
AV when accessing Cell editor in Execution Console
35006243 Knowledge Xpert doesn’t work in version7
45369973 count(*) is broken
45289967 Preference for Custom syntax highlight is broken
44937157 Table name doesn’t show when it’s in Data tab
29968921 Customer case 1035938 - Add support for Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010, 2011, 2012.
45573027 Go to definition doesn’t work for schema.table
45128007 Can’t filter objects whose name is end with ‘E’ in quick filter
28061979 The position of task bar is not correct
35745903 Registry value to hide/show direct connection doesn’t work
46003009 Undo deletes one character at a time. Changed to 1 word at a time
40404233 Review close tab - display ‘X’ on active tab only
36496755 Send to session for part of scripts broken in v7.0
46084271 AV display when close Nav after closing session from MainMenu|Session|Close
45821565 Double click on one query in CE will disappear
46349849 Run a simple query cause Nav hang
45917299 RH menu displays wrong after executing multi select statement in CE
28717483 Regular Expression in search/replace dialog needs to add support for tab and carriage return characters
46360239 CodeEditor status bar doesn’t show correct msg after running multi sqls
35085127 [Publish Java to PLSQL] doesn’t work
46791903 Open a trigger occur AV after check out when have two CE tab
45659871 run long script and run and stop buttons aren’t in correct state in Main toolbar
41663141 Customer case 2095954-1 -Dot lookup doesn’t work for the alias used in MERGE, JOIN statement.
46682603 Run query with join statement failed
46961501 Difference detection thrown up when checking out triggers due to schema prefix
27821101 Add a new shortcut to copy all in Spool tab
38560799 Toolbox does not remember add/remove items from list
42699851 Team Coding SQLs run unnecessarily
38150655 Session Reconnect greys out current screen
44680587 Invalid variant type on procedure with Object Type
44057029 Hyper-linking feature doesn’t find entries in dbms_output
42448273 XML editor has different Find text dialog compared to 6.7
47699075 Drag a Unicode index or trigger to code editor, it has three quotes
40402231 dot lookup - doesn’t work with inline query
39915331 Session reconnect caused refresh problem in data grid and trigger editor
43624733 Replace encryption engine for DB connection passwords
48053005 XML editor issue with specified contents
47250717 Go to definition doesn’t work when the cursor at the last of keyword
41210447 [Ctrl+Left Click] in blank areas below a table in code editor will open the table
48555569 Go to definition doesn’t work for mixed case object name with double quotation
48555681 Drag table from DBX, the SQL display differently with 6.7
40989929 Cancel check out cause AV when open three tab
38557995 Toolbox: describe: order of list is not correct

SQL Navigator Team

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