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SQL Navigator 7.1 Beta 3435 (32 bit) and 3436 (64 bit) are available to download now!


Hi Everyone,

We are glad to announce that our first 7.1 beta 3435 (32 bit) and 3436 (64 bit) are available to download now. It is a totally new version which start to support 64 bit oracle client, choose the one you want to download as the instructions from the overview page.

New Feature in this beta:

  • 64 bit oracle client support
  • New face of Code Analysis(Code Xpert)
  • Support Export data to excel 2007 and 2010
    Issues from community and support be fixed and applied:

ID Story Summary

SQLNAV-1253 Code Template issues in v7.0

SQLNAV-1254 Formatter failed to use FormaterOptions.opt from 6.7

SQLNAV-1313 Don’t need to use the mouse and can type sysdate in data grid.

SQLNAV-1391 We are not allowed to input time into date editor in datagrid

SQLNAV-1347 Capture web output broke

SQLNAV-1419 difference viewer cuts off difference

SQLNAV-1452 correct tab activation

SQLNAV-651 F8 doesn’t work well with invalid sql in multi lines

SQLNAV-1450 Code completion in v7.x: make Tab key to select an item in Code completion popup list

SQLNAV-1482 Unable to edit CLOB field from table editor

SQLNAV-1489 Option “Describe Object at Hyperlink” not working in 7.0.1

SQLNAV-1490 UP arrow button doesn’t work after running a query

SQLNAV-1495 Everything after the ‘Z’ make the content looked like be commented ouT

SQLNAV-1516 Object Editor AV: Cannot view SQL query results if DB types are involved

SQLNAV-1229 XLSX - Export to Excel with over 65536 rows doesn’t work.

Known issues:

  • First time closing Nav 64 bit build in a clean env (hasn’t installed SQLNav before) will cause hang problem.
  • Some functionalities of Code Analysis haven’t been implemented yet. The button from Code Editor was disabled now, you can open CA from Main menu.
  • We don’t support Job Manager anymore (The Job Scheduler replaced all the functionalities of Job Manager; and there is no 64 bit program of Job Manager)

Please feel free to give feedback on what you like, or don’t like and any serious issues you may find along the way, that will make a big help to us and also make SQL Navigator a better product for you too.

Best Regards
SQL Navigator Team