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SQL Navigator 7.1 Beta4 (expires on 15/Jun/2014) is available to download


Dear All,

A new beta has been released to the community. It will expire on 15st June 2014.

32-bit build**:**

64-bit build**:**


Bugs fixed:

SQLNAV-1408 Oracle Error information doesn’t exist when double click from error pane

SQLNAV-1432 AV when switching sessions after the session is killed

SQLNAV-1385 Issue with opening a big file

SQLNAV-1387 SQL Nav does not support usage of values NAN

SQLNAV-1593 SQLnav occasionally loses a connection with a saved file

SQLNAV-91 Not able to check out objects using PVCS after upgrade

Known issue:

  • The 64 bit build still couldn’t work well in win8, please try 32 bit build at present in win8.

Last and always, don’t hesitate to share your feedbacks and ideas through the community. We are all together to make SQL Navigator a better product!


SQL Navigator Team