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SQL Navigator 7.2 beta (build 3901) Just created procedure in my schema is not found.

Just created procedure is not found.

Step to reproduce (user= u3318 current schema = u3318 on session toolbar ):

  1. Open SQL Editor and type:

create procedure u3318.test is
DBMS_OUTPUT.Put_Line( XMLType(’’).getclobval());

  1. Run Script to create procedure in You scheme

  2. Try to press ctrl and u3318.test to move to procedure to edit

4 Get Definition for u3318.test was not found error.

  1. Type on next lines:

exec test;


  1. Try to press ctrl and test to move to procedure to edit

  2. Get Definition for test was not found error.

Hi Sergey,

Unluckily I can’t reproduce it, Could you find the procedure in “Find Objects” or DB Explorer?