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SQL Navigator 7.3 beta (build 4072) is available (expires on 30-Sept-2015)


Dear all,

A new SQL Navigator beta is available. Following are the details of the updates:

Bugs Fixed:


Defect ID

Can not start debug session


Changing options for exporting CSV files crashes in a particular case


Due to technical reasons, we can’t update the latest beta files on community’s overview for this time, so download the latest beta files directly by below link.

Please access the downloads directly at:

Download Beta

Download Beta (64-bit)


SQL Navigator Team


I am experiencing odd behavior, in an Oracle 11.x database, when attempting to copy and paste a value into a single quoted field in the SQL editor.

This behavior only exists when I am in the 1st editor window (Untitled 1) and does not appear in subsequent windows (Untitled 2 and above).

When I attempt to copy a value to replace a value within single quotes (’) the pasted value appears in the wrong location.

To replicate this, open a database session and go to a SQL editor window.

Paste or type this SQL into your “Untitled 1” window:

__select * from dual where ‘1’ <> ‘2’; __

Now COPY any value and attempt to PASTE it to replace either the “1” or the “2” by first selecting the “1” or “2” then pasting.

You should see the pasted value appear outside the single quotes and not replacing the “1” or “2”.


Hi Alex,

Do you have installed the latest beta(build number:4072)?

Besides, this problem is able to stable reproduce on your computer? and have other operations before the problem occured?




Hi, is the new beta available already?

This one has expired.


Martin, it is released. Please check it out. Thanks.